Inspection FAQs

The West Virginia Board of Pharmacy employees Inspectors to conduct licensee inspections for the State of WV.  Any registrant or licensee with the Board can be inspected. The schedule for pharmacy inspections is at least annually.  Please find below links to WV BOP inspection documents.

Inspector County Map

Documents Needed for Inspection


Inpatient Documents for Inspection

Outpatient Documents for Inspection

Nuclear Documents for Inspection

Consultant Pharmacist Documents for Inspection



Inspection Forms


New/Remodel Pharmacy Inspection Form

Nuclear Pharmacy WV General Inspection Form

Outpatient Pharmacy Inspection Form

Institutional Pharmacy Inspection Form

Charitable Pharmacy Inspection Form

Wholesale Distributor Inspection Form

Unscheduled Inspection Form

Controlled Substance Permit and Consultant Pharmacist Inspection Form

Controlled Substance Permit Only Inspection Form


Compounding Inspection Forms – Sterile (USP 797) and Non-Sterile (USP 795)


Non-sterile Compounding Inspection Form

Sterile Compounding Inspection Form

New or Remodel ONLY Sterile Compounding Inspection Form


Hazardous Drug Inspection Forms USP Chapter 800


NABP Hazardous Drug Inspection Form for Compounding Pharmacies

**Guidance Only** General Pharmacy Hazardous Drug Handling Inspection – USP Standards


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