WV DEP Pharmaceutical Waste FAQ

Rule Changes from the WV Department of Environmental Protection to Impact Healthcare Facilities and Reverse Distributors

          The WV BOP was notified July 15, 2020 by the WV Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) that WV adopted and incorporated by reference the requirements of 40 CFR Subpart P, also known as the “Pharmaceuticals Rule”, into the WV Hazardous Waste Management Rule (33 CSR 20).  The Pharmaceutical Rule became effective July 1, 2020 in all parts of the State.  

WVDEP is developing educational materials for pharmacies and healthcare facilities to assist them in the proper management of pharmaceutical waste under these new requirements.  The Pharmaceuticals Rule will bring changes to the management of the following materials:

·      Potentially creditable hazardous waste pharmaceuticals in reverse distribution,

·      Non-creditable hazardous waste pharmaceuticals,

·      Nicotine Reduction Therapy and vaping product wastes,

·      DEA Controlled Substances and household pharmaceuticals from Drug Take-Back programs or events, and

·      Hazardous waste determinations for any OTC pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and other retail items not eligible for reverse logistics.

To assist pharmacies and healthcare facilities with education and awareness of these new requirements, the WVDEP has developed a free online webinar.  The webinar is available by clicking the link entitled “Pharmaceutical Rule Guidance for Healthcare Facilities and Reverse Distributors” on DEP’s webpage at https://dep.wv.gov/WWE/ee/hw/Pages/Generator-Assistance.aspx

There are two ways you can notify or change your notification status:
1) complete EPA Form 8700-12 (below), sign, print and send by mail to:
Attn: Marjorie Skeens
601 57th St SE
Charleston, WV  25304
   [note Box 2 on the form should be left blank if they have not previously notified and obtained an EPA ID number.]
2) register online using myRCRAid (one page instructions attached, approval takes about 2 to 3 hours), then log in to complete the form online.  This method allows for easy change of information in the future using the login and password established during registration.
A list of Inspectors that can be contacted for assistance with the form or for questions can be found by scrolling down on the following link:  https://dep.wv.gov/WWE/ee/hw/Pages/hwcontacts.aspx


Click the link below to view a webinar on hazardous waste pharmaceuticals presented by WVDEP

Hazardous Waste  Pharmaceuticals Webinar


Guide to Notifying Under Subpart P

EPA Form 8700-12

Quick Start Guide - Managing Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals

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