Continuing Education

Continuing Education Requirements for Pharmacists

§15-3-4.  Continuing Pharmacy Education Requirements.


       4.1.  A licensed pharmacist shall complete a minimum of  thirty CPE hours every two years, inclusive of any CPE requirements for consultant pharmacist registration, pharmacist immunization registration, and drug diversion training and best practice prescribing of controlled substances training, in order to renew his or her license to practice pharmacy in West Virginia, and each reporting period thereafter.

       4.2.  Hours earned may only be used to meet the requirements for one reporting period.  Hours in excess of the number required at the end of each reporting period shall not be transferred or applied to future reporting periods to satisfy future CPE requirements.  Hours earned in a new reporting period but used to meet the requirements of a prior reporting period may only be used for the prior reporting period.

       4.3.  Six hours of the thirty CPE hours required every two years shall be obtained through a live presentation requiring the direct presence of the pharmacist at the CPE activity.

       4.4.  Unless a pharmacist has completed and timely provided to the board on the form to be provided by the board a waiver request attesting that he or she has not administered or dispensed a controlled substance during the entire previous reporting period, every pharmacist shall, as a prerequisite to license renewal, complete a minimum of two hours of drug diversion training and best practice prescribing of controlled substances training during the previous reporting period.

              4.4.a.  Said two hours of CPE shall be a part of the 30 hours of CPE required, and is not two additional hours.

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