§15-1-2.1.43 “Pharmacy technician trainee” means registered supportive personnel currently engaged in a pharmacy technician training program which has been approved by the Board and who is under the direct supervision of a pharmacist.

Individuals eligible for a Pharmacy Technician Trainee Registration must be one of the following:

  • High school graduate or

  • General Education Development (GED) Certificate Issued by Board of Education

  • If applicant has not obtained either a high school diploma or a GED then applicant must be enrolled in an approved high school program.

An applicant can apply by the following methods.

  • Enrolled in a competency-based pharmacy technician education and training program of a learning institution or training center as approved by legislative rule of the board; or

  • Working in a 500 hour pharmacy provided, on-the-job, competency-based education and training program approved by the board.

  • Obtained a national certification as a pharmacy technician and have practiced in another jurisdiction for at least one year.

List of WVBOP Approved Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

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