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Moderna and J&J Boosters AUTHORIZED


CDC Recommends Booster doses for Additional Populations

Booster doses for all three COVID-19 vaccines have now been authorized for certain populations in the United States. 

For individuals who received a Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, the following groups are eligible for a booster shot at 6 months or more after their initial series:

For individuals who received Janssen (Johnson & Johsnon) COVID-19 vaccine, booster doses are recommended for those 18 years and older who were vaccinated 2 or more months ago.

Eligible individuals may choose which vaccine they receive as a booster dose. Some people may have a preference for the vaccine type that they originally received and others, may prefer to get a different booster. 

Additional information on assisting with best selection of “mix and match” booster will be coming early next week.  You may join the CDC Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity held Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 2 p.m. ET to got an overview of the most recent recommendations for administering COVID-19 booster vaccines.

Recommendations when doing Heterologous (Mix and Match) Booster Dose (from ACIP)

  • Heterologous dosing may be considered for the BOOSTER dose only. (Not primary series or additional dose in immunocompromised).
  • Individual benefit-risk assessment may inform which booster product to use      
    • Availability of product
    • Risk profile of vaccine booster, including rare events
  • The interval for the booster should follow the interval recommended by the primary series
    • People who receive a single dose Janssen primary dose can receive a COVID-19 booster dose (any type) at least 2 months after completing the primary series
    • People who receive a primary series of Moderna or Pfizer and qualify for a booster my receive a COVID-19 booster dose (any type) at least 6 month after completing the primary series.
  • If Moderna vaccine booster is used, the booster dose and volume should be used 50µg (0.25mL)
    • Pfizer and Janssen booster doses are the same dose as the primary series.
    • If an individual who is moderately to severely immunocompromised received a primary dose of Janssen vaccine and receives a booster dose of Moderna, the 0.25mL (50µg) dose should be used.
  • No more than 3 doses total if started with mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Series.
  • All EUAs (Healthcare provider and Patient/Caregiver) have been updated on the website. Please begin using these immediately.

The Moderna vial MAY NOT be punctured more than 20 (TWENTY) times.  If you are just drawing the booster doses of 0.25mL from the vial, there will be liquid remaining.  Per labeling and FDA direction, any drug remaining after 20 punctures MAY NOT be used because of increased contamination and coring risk.

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