NOTICE TO WV PHARMACIES & PHARMACISTS-Legislative Rules Effective Immediately (March 22, 2019) - Current Topics

NOTICE TO WV PHARMACIES & PHARMACISTS-Legislative Rules Effective Immediately (March 22, 2019)


Legislative Rules Effective Immediately (March 22, 2019):

  1. Reciprocity for Pharmacy Technicians: A pharmacy technician who has obtained a national certification and practiced in another jurisdiction for at least a year is eligible to apply for reciprocity in WV.  He/she must still apply as a pharmacy technician trainee and complete the 20 site-specific training program.  The individual must be in good standing in the original state of jurisdiction. Then, the individual will apply to be a pharmacy technician providing satisfactory proof to the Board of his or her licensure status with the BOP in the state in which the individual was licensed.  If states where there is no technician licensure, a notarized document of proof of satisfactory employment by the previous pharmacist in charge is sufficient.  Also, provide the proof of national certification.

  2. Pharmacy Technician Trainee Hours: Pharmacy technician trainees now are required to have a minimum of 500 hours employment within a 12-month period under the direct supervision of a pharmacist to complete the on-the-job, competency-based pharmacy technician training program.  This is a reduction in hours required from the 960 hours in 15 months.  The pharmacy technician trainee has 90 days to pass the national test and get registered at a pharmacy technician after obtaining the required hours.  If an individual is currently registered as a pharmacy technician trainee and has 500 hours (including the 20 hour site specific training program), he/she may go ahead and apply to take a national pharmacy technician certification exam.  Once the exam is passed, he/she is may apply to be a WV pharmacy technician through  the usual process.

  3. Cashiers in the Pharmacy: A person who handles the prescription drug only during the point of sale to provide the prescription drug to a patient and accept payment is NOT subject to the licensure requirements of 15-7 (the pharmacy tech).  This handling process includes the cashier having access to the pharmacy’s operating system to unique information for each patient. A pharmacy may require an individual to complete a criminal background check before he or she is hired. 

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