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West Virginia Board of Pharmacy Announces Statewide Electronic Health Record Integration of Prescription Data


The West Virginia Board of Pharmacy has partnered with Appriss Health to utilize, analyze, and present information from West Virginia’s Controlled Substances Monitoring Program (CSMP) into the clinical workflow of both prescribers and pharmacists via the comprehensive platform NarxCare.  All practitioners who dispense Schedule II, III, IV and V controlled substances or opioid antagonists to residents of West Virginia, must provide the dispensing information to the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy CSMP each 24-hour period.  RxDataTrack/CSAPP is the online CSMP software (Mahantech Corp.) used by the Board to track these substances.  NarxCare will integrate this CSMP information, as well as additional data sources, into Electronic Health Records or Pharmacy Management Systems to empower clinicians to identify patients that may be at risk for prescription drug addiction, overdose and death, and equips those clinicians and care teams with the advanced analytics, tools and technology they need to help those patients. These invaluable insights and tools can be presented and accessed within clinical workflow, up front, for every patient, every time.

NarxCare provides machine learning and artificial intelligence-based patient risk scores, prescription data, patient safety alerts and other information in a visually interactive format to help prescribers and pharmacists quickly identify potential signs of addiction/overdose. NarxCare also helps clinicians connect patients with additional resources within their community if needed, such as medication-assisted treatment. By obtaining CSMP prescription information through PMP Gateway, which can include data from neighboring states, this one-click workflow process eliminates the need for prescribers and pharmacists to manually log into the WV CSMP website separately and then enter a patient’s name and demographics to search for them.

The new NarxCare platform will be made available at no cost to all West Virginia healthcare providers via their electronic health record and pharmacy management system vendors. (It is important to note that not all vendors are currently integrated. Your integration process and duration time is dependent upon your vendor). For more detailed information about the integration process, please visit:


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