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  • UPDATED 5-2-23: WVBOP Statement on Semaglutide Compounding

    The new statement is available here.
  • WV BOP Statement on Semaglutide Compounding

    The West Virginia Board of Pharmacy (Board) staff has received inquiries concerning the compounding of semaglutide. This topic has become very prominent across the nation, as the medication has gained notoriety for various reasons. Semaglutide is, of course, a commercially available drug product marketed as OzempicTM for treating diabetes and as WegovyTM for weight loss. The Board of Pharmacy in both Mississippi and North Carolina have already issued statements, and the Boards of Pharmacy in other states appear ready to make similar statements. The federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act prohibits pharmacies from compounding “drug products that are essentially copies of a commercially available drug product.” In general, compounding pharmacies may not compound semaglutide, a commercially available drug product.
  • CDC Updates COVID19 Vaccine Recommendations

    After the FDA updated the Emergency Use Authorization for the mRNA COVID-19 bivalent vaccines, the CDC issued new, simplified recommendations yesterday and effective now. Their complete guidance can be found here. The CDC is working to update the Interim COVID-19 Clinical Considerations and this will be updated as soon as possible. We will add them and a link to the WV BOP FAQ section as soon as they are available. See below for a summary of the new guidelines.
  • WV BOP Notified of Phone Scam

    Pharmacies and pharmacists are receiving calls from individuals claiming to be employees of the WV Board of Pharmacy (caller ID indicates the Board's phone number). The WV Board of Pharmacy would NOT and is not making these calls and would not be requesting your wholesaler account numbers.
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