COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

The US Department of Health and Human Services has EXTENDED the authority for authorized persons (including pharmacists, pharmacy interns, qualified pharmacy technicians as explained below) to give vaccinations to those ages three and up per ACIP and FDA guidance. This is found here It has been EXTENDED until October 1, 2024 or until withdrawn by US. DHHR.  This is distinct and separate from the WV Declaration of a State of Emergency. 

The FDA authorized and the CDC/ACIP recommended the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents age 12-15 years old.  Pharmacists may order AND administer while interns or pharmacy technicians may administer under the supervision of a registered immunizing pharmacist the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to ages 12-15 years per the PREP Act Amendment. 

The Center for Rural Health Development COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign Press Kit is available at this link and contains many resources for best practices, social media posts, stickers/buttons, printables, and newsletter graphics!

You can view the requirement indicating both FDA authorization AND being ordered according to ACIP’s COVID-19 vaccine recommendation at


The CDC new authorization can be found at


  1. The Current Emergency Use Authorizations for Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen for both healthcare providers and patients/caregivers are available below.

       Pfizer/BioNTech:                           Healthcare Providers (5/20/2021)

                                                             Recipients/Caregivers (5/10/2021)

       Moderna:                                       Healthcare Providers (3/31/2021)

                                                             Recipients/Caregivers (3/31/2021)

       Johnson and Johnson (Janssen): Healthcare Providers (4/23/2021)

                                                             Recipients/Caregivers (4/23/2021)


  1. To enroll your pharmacy as a COVID-19 WV Vaccine provider please email WV DHHR Joshua Waine at and ask to have your pharmacy enrolled.


  1. Can my WV licensed pharmacy technician give COVID-19 vaccinations?

Yes.  The WV BOP voted to recognize the PREP Act Amendment linked here

  1. The pharmacy technician must be CPhT.  He/she must complete one of the training programs listed here under the “PTCB-recognized Immunization Administration Education/Training Program”. The pharmacy technician does not have to have completed the PTCB Immunization Administration Assessment -Based Certificate Program, as this is not a requirement to meet the standard of the PREP Act. 
  2. The pharmacy technician must also complete an approved CPR program listed on the WV BOP website.
  3. These documents must be kept on file at the pharmacy where the technician is vaccinating.
  • This is ONLY during the COVID-19 State of Emergency.
  • The vaccination must be ordered by the supervising qualified pharmacist who is a registered immunizer
  • The supervising registered immunizing pharmacist must be readily and immediately available to the immunizing qualified pharmacy technicians.
  • The vaccine must be FDA-authorized or FDA-licensed.
  • In the case of a COVID-19 vaccine, the vaccination must be ordered and administered according to ACIP’s COVID-19 vaccine recommendation(s).
  • In the case of a childhood vaccine, the vaccination must be ordered and administered according to ACIP’s standard immunization schedule.
  • The qualified pharmacy technician must complete a minimum of two hours of ACPE- approved, immunization-related continuing pharmacy education during the relevant State licensing period(s).
  • The supervising registered immunizing pharmacist must comply with recordkeeping and reporting requirements of the jurisdiction in which he or she administers vaccines, including informing the patient’s primary care provider when available and submitting the required immunization information to the state or local immunization information system (vaccine registry).
  • The supervising registered immunizing pharmacist is responsible for complying with requirements related to reporting adverse events.
  • The supervising registered immunizing pharmacist must review the vaccine registry or other vaccination records prior to ordering the vaccination to be administered by the qualified pharmacy technician or State-authorized pharmacy intern.
  • The qualified pharmacy technician and State-authorized pharmacy intern must, if the patient is 18 years of age or younger, inform the patient and the adult caregiver accompanying the patient of the importance of a well-child visit with a pediatrician or other licensed primary-care provider and refer patients as appropriate.
  • The supervising registered immunizing pharmacist must comply with any applicable requirements (or conditions of use) as set forth in the CDC’s COVID-19 vaccination provider agreement and any other federal requirements that apply to the administration of COVID-19 vaccine(s).

4.  Additional information regarding the CDC recommendations for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination in 12-15 year olds:

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